Hi, I’m Kate! 

I am a motion designer with over 12 years of experience based out of Southern California. 

I have created motion graphics for post production teams at prominent film and television studios. 

Clients include:
Houston Museum of Natural Science
The Disney Channel
The NFL Network
JAX Media

As a passionate motion designer, I spend my days learning new animation technologies, scouring Behance for the latest trends in motion graphics, listening to business podcasts, and making sure my baby girl doesn’t fall off the jungle gym. 

My goal is to be your go-to motion graphics artist. I want to help save you time and resources with your next big project. I love to help your team solve problems, tell a story, and use animation to support your vision. 

Clients can expect fast turnaround times, clear communication, professionalism, and an easygoing personality.

Finding a quality motion graphics designer can be difficult. 

I can help your team meet deadlines and create great content. 

I know ratings are everything and I want to help you get there! 

Software I work in
After Effects
Cinema 4D

I would love to learn more about your projects and how I can help create award-winning content. 

Contact me to chat about your next project.
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